Theatre review: The Full Monty, Yeadon Town Hall

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When Brassneck Theatre say the Full Monty, they mean THE Fully Monty!

After the revealing finale at Yeadon Town Hall on Tuesday, one hot-under-the-collar OAP on the front row turned to her friend and said: “Have you got your eyes back in?”

Director Royston Bayfield’s production features the American musical - based on the famous 1997 film - with Buffalo steelworkers preparing to bare all.

Male lead Phil Yeadon is the out-of-work Jerry Lukowski who embroils his best mate Dave Bukatinsky (Richard Lloyd), and four other ‘Average Joes’, in his desperate bid to go all the way to make some money.

Jerry’s estranged son Nathan (Ed Paget) is dragged along for ride as his father battles to impress him - and also pay back a $1,000 loan previously ear-marked for college fees.

The set - including false steel girders, and even half a car for an hilarious attempted suicide scene - created by Peter Stebbings gives a thoroughly professional feel to the proceedings.

And Paul Dennison’s clever lighting spares some of the audiences’ blushes as the six amateur strippers reveal all at the show’s climax.

Fair play to the male cast members who literally let it all hang out in front of a mostly female, and highly entertained, audience.

The remaining shows are a sell-out - but that’s no revelation after this performance.