Review: Alan Carr, Leeds Grand Theatre

Alan Carr.
Alan Carr.
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YOU’D be forgiven for assuming Alan Carr’s stand-up tour would be similar to his chat show. But, thankfully, it’s not.

Whilst ‘Chatty Man’ can sometimes seem stilted and awkward at times, stand-up is where Carr is clearly more comfortable.

You’re put at ease immediately as the bespectacled comedian has you belly-laughing from the off, and the audience are in the palm of his hand for the entire two-hour set.

Carr doesn’t shy away from his exaggerated persona, commenting on his own camp charm and his so-called ‘mincers hip’.

The whole show is light-hearted and entertaining, with topics including onesies, TripAdvisor, his constipated pet dog, ‘sexy food’ and online dating.

It’s interesting to see Carr in a different light and he really does have a talent for getting good laughs.

He even puts in extra effort to reference something local for the audience, whether it’s Leeds’ ring road or the Yorkshire Evening Post.

The tour is called, ‘Yap, Yap, Yap’, and it’s fair to say Carr can talk for England.

And he’ll be bringing his tour back to entertain audiences once more on Sunday, September 6 at the Leeds Grand Theatre.

For tickets, visit www.leedsgrandtheatre.com.