Thorpe Park, Leeds
Thorpe Park, Leeds

Thorpe Park, Leeds

Franco's is a steward of culinary elegance and luxury, offering a refined menu inspired by the regional cuisines of Italy, complimented by a tailor made wine list. Located just outside of Leeds city centre, Franco’s is a destination for families, business people and savvy diners alike. their clientele is anyone with an appreciation for sophisticated food from a family run business. The pedigree of the man who brought Pizza to Yorkshire is well known. Yorkshire's most dynamic and enduring Italian is still at the helm (yes, he's still working 7 days a week), albeit supported by his team who he has nurtured for the last decade. They continue the longstanding tradition of good family friendly service, accommodating anyone and everyone, well, as many as the restaurant will seat.


473 Otley Road, Leeds


41-43 Commercial Road, Leeds

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