Beer of the Week: Whitstable Bay Organic Ale

Wharf Chambers bar in Wharf Street.''Whitstable Bay''Organic Ale
Wharf Chambers bar in Wharf Street.''Whitstable Bay''Organic Ale
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This beer is badged as coming from the Faversham Steam Brewery, which, were you of a mind to seek out such things, you could easily think was a up-and-coming independent microbrewery doing interesting and innovative things in the Kentish countryside.

Mind you, the embossed “Britain’s Oldest Brewer” on the bottle – and the fact it is part of the three-for-a-fiver deal at Bargain Booze – should be clue enough that this is not the case.

Faversham Steam Brewery is, of course, an offshoot of the major regional brewer Shepherd Neame, whose beers such as Spitfire and Bishop’s Finger are a regular sight in off licences and pubs across the UK.

This one is named after the seaside town best known for its oysters, and this rich and malty, yet refreshingly light amber ale might be the perfect foil for some seafood. It looks good, crystal clear and with a foaming white head, yet with little in the way of an aroma.

Once on the palate its 4.5% strength begins to exert itself in a beer that is determinedly easy-going, rather than anything truly remarkable, and there are some nice caramel notes in a sweet finish.

75 Brudenell Grove, Leeds

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