PREVIEW: Motorbike daredevils jump to it for spectacular Arenacross show in Sheffield

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's FMX god Edgar Torronteras who cites Sheffield as his fave arena

Daredevil motorbike riders are gearing up to bring fast and furious high octane action to Sheffield Arena with the return of Arenacross early next year.

The thrill show featuring a mix of pyrotechnics, lasers and and some of the world’s top Arenacross, or AX riders, is back on Saturday February 11, 2017.

BUY TICKETS: Tickets for Arenacross 2017 in Sheffield are from £28, with 12 and unders from £15.68. Buy via, call 0844 338 8000, buy in person from the Arena Box Office, call 0114 256 5656, or visit

Arenacross, the indoor version of motocross, takes the spectacular elements of outdoor racing on to purpose-built indoor jump-infested dirt tracks.

With its killer mix of all-action racing and gravity-defying Freestyle Motocross, set to a pumping soundtrack and laser show, this is a non-stop, three-hour white-knuckle ride.

Racing is short, sharp and shockingly entertaining with huge triple jumps, murderous mogul sections and fast, banked corners all designed to provide a sensory feast.

The Freestyle Motocross showcase takes place 40 feet above the track with riders hitting purpose-built ramps and then attempting to out-do each other as they whip and back-flip 100kg motorcycles in an amazing display of aerial gymnastics.

Once considered MX mavericks, freestylers are now highly-paid sporting stars who compete in year-round world tour events such as the X Games

The stakes are high in 2017 with an overall series prize fund in the region of £200,000, thousands of hollering fans to entertain, and the most competitive line-up of Pro racers ever to take to the start gate.

The man-made tracks are short and sharp, tight and twisting, with hard-banked corners, jumps, bumps and ruts thrown in for good measure.

A packed crowd lighted up Sheffield Arena with their mobiles

Tackling them is definitely not for the feint-hearted, which is pretty fortunate really as the AX guys are serious racers, and the Tour a serious and widely-recognised racing championship.

The Arenacross Tour is about much more than just out-and-out racing though and, away from the racing line, the Freestyle MX boys never fail to impress with their electrifying, high-air whips and flips which always keep the audience hollering for more.

In its four-year stint, the UK Arenacross series has been revered for showcasing FMX at its very best and that’s why the big-hitters of the sport, the FMX royalty, have made the series a must-do affair and worked it into their busy schedules.

When it comes to AX; X-Games gold medallists and Nitro Circus superstars abound with Spaniard Edgar Torronteras and the UK’s very own Jamie Squibb at the fore, together with arguably the most spectacular double-flipper in the world, 6’ 4” Czech uber-cool superman, Petr Pilat.

Bikers at the ready for another round of excitement at Arenacross

From the very off, the three-hour evening programme will be adrenaline-charged with back-to-back no-holds-barred racing interspersed with radical and extreme Freestyle MX. The giants of the FMX world will showcase their ballistic breath-taking skills, pushing both man and machine through a set of seemingly impossible 40’ high tricks, flips and whips.

Earlier this year, when the AX Tour hit South Yorkshire, an enthusiastic crowd were treated to an show of razzmatazz and race action that organisers are promising to deliver again.

BUY TICKETS: Tickets for Arenacross 2017 in Sheffield are from £28, with 12 and unders from £15.68. Buy via, call 0844 338 8000, buy in person from the Arena Box Office, call 0114 256 5656, or visit


The only way to really understand what it’s all about is to sit ringside and absorb the atmosphere but, if you need a little persuading, here’s our Quick Guide to AX! You don’t have to be a petrol-head to enjoy it …

Pre-Show; Foyer time

Arenacross 2017 will have explosions and lots of surprises.

Allow plenty of time to check out the latest uber-cool 2017 AX merchandise.

Make sure you get a programme to follow the evening’s schedule.

Head over to the Rider Signing desk to meet and greet the incredible AX athletes.

Take your souvenir programme for them to sign.

Wander round the AX partner stands and look out for the freebies!

Pre-Show; In the Arena

Take your refreshments and find your seat.

Immerse yourselves in the atmospheric music and get ready for the night ahead.

Keep your eyes peeled for the t-shirt-shooting canons and get ready to catch.

Watch the action from previous shows on the BIG screens.

Listen to the AX hosts, including DJ BBQ, explain the night ahead.

The Show; Freestyle

Eight world-class, show-boating, FMX athletes roar into the auditorium ready to delight you with three jaw-dropping shows.

Show 1. The hosts introduce the riders as they perform their warm-ups and introduce you to a few slick tricks. We say warm-up, but these eager-beavers are likely to pop some gravity defying tricks right from the very off.

Show 2. It starts to get competitive after the interval as the FMX guys execute perfect backflips (yes they do go upside-down) and side whips, with a Tsunami, Cliffhanger, Shaolin, Captain Morgan, Teepee and the like, thrown in for good measure – you’ve really just got to be there!

Show 3. Immediately prior to the main race event, the FMX boys return for their finale and take their high-flying skills to the next level. In a bid to earn the Best Trick accolade from the audience; the more you shout, the more outrageous they get. Then there’s ‘the train’ where they all jump in quick succession and shockingly close to each other – if one goes down …..

The Show; Racing

Kids from the age of seven through to adult Pro racers take to the same tightly-packed racing circuit – not all at the same time though!

The youngsters have two sets of racing each and the top three go to the podium.

The Pros have to score points in heats to determine who will be graded through.

The top eight automatically make it to the Main Event.

The rest of them have to do battle in the dreaded Head-to-Head where two riders go against each other until just two are left standing. This is what they call ‘dirty racing’!

The Main Event

This is the big money event where the best indoor motocross racers from across Europe and beyond, compete for a share of the huge £140,000 series prize fund.

Fourteen laps of pure adrenaline-charged action and you can rely on the commentators to get you to your feet.

They take no prisoners. It’s fierce, fast and frantic and there can only be one winner!

AX offers a fast and furious night of family entertainment and there is nothing else quite like it. It’s a great way to extend the New Year celebrations and the best way to lock out those winter blues.

BUY TICKETS: Tickets for Arenacross 2017 in Sheffield are from £28, with 12 and unders from £15.68. Buy via, call 0844 338 8000, buy in person from the Arena Box Office, call 0114 256 5656, or visit

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