Review: Burps, brides and bikes as McBusted liven up Leeds

McBusted at Leeds Arena.
McBusted at Leeds Arena.
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TO SAY the McBusted boys are excitable is an understatement.

Leaping into their positions from beneath the stage, with guitars in hand and striking a pose, the pyrotechnics go wild – and so do the thousands of screaming fans.



After a slight pause for dramatic effect, the boys are off, running around the stage like hyperactive children.

The stage is essentially a giant arcade game complete with joysticks, buttons, computer graphics and speakers, and the retro theme of McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour also helps hype up the audience before the show starts, with trailers of movie classics like Back to the Future and Karate Kid being shown on the big screens.

Getting things going with Air Guitar, everyone in the audience is up on their feet.

Making the most of the buzzing atmosphere, the band swings straight into the next few songs, including One for the Radio, Thunderbirds are Go and Get Over It.

It’s only at this point that the boys catch their breath and chat to the audience.

They’re clearly having a great time, laughing and joking and taking the mickey out of each other, and are excitedly talking over each other with cheeky grins on their faces.

Then it’s onto You Said No, 3am and a quick costume change, which doesn’t disappoint.

Dougie comes on stage dressed as a bride, with Matt as groom, drummer Harry wearing nothing but trainers, shorts and a vicar’s collar and the others dressed as flowergirls with pink flowers in their hair, throwing confetti and wearing frilly dresses as they prance around the stage.

The crowd knows every lyric to Crash the Wedding, which is followed by Air Hostess – another popular one with the crowd.

With a lyric like ‘I messed my pants when we flew over France’, the boys really don’t take themselves seriously and it makes for a silly but incredibly fun and buzzing atmosphere.

What I Go to School For includes some impromptu burping into the microphone before everything calms down a bit for Obviously and Beautiful Girls are the Loneliest, which is performed acoustically by James and Danny and was genuinely impressive, showing off each singer’s voice and charisma.

But the seriousness doesn’t last long and it’s on to Riding on my Bike, with James literally riding around the stage on a bike covered in lights before he tries out some chucklesome Cher impressions with the song’s autotune device.

After playing a Street Fighter style game on the big screen they continue with the singing.

This time they take a romantic turn, peforming It’s All About You with a ‘kiss-cam’ going round the audience encouraging friends and couples to show some love.

Bringing things upbeat again they finish off the set with Star Girl (a personal favourite), Five Colours in Her Hair, Shine a Light and finally Year 3,000, which is just as ridiculous as you remember but you just can’t help but bop along to it.

It must be difficult throwing two male bands together but it doesn’t seem like any of them really have an ego and they seem good friends who are all just having a laugh with it.

That being said, with years of experience under their belts they’re true professionals underneath it all and play continuously for a couple of hours without a wrong note, and their voices sound better than I remembered.

McFly and Busted really are a match made in boyband heaven.