REVEALED: Britain’s top ten favourite feel-good songs and films

Taylor Swift appears on the list
Taylor Swift appears on the list

Britain’s favourite feel-good songs and films have been revealed, with a Queen hit coming out on top.

The survey of 2,000 people found that the band, who appear twice in the top-10 are at number one, with Don’t Stop Me Now, as the country’s favourite song to lift their spirits.

The research is part of a ‘Feel Good’ initiative by Highland Spring, to promote the benefits of drinking water to a healthy lifestyle.

Pharrell Williams’ Happy came a close second, with Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer in third.

Meanwhile, Britain’s favourite feel-good film has been revealed as 80’s classic, Dirty Dancing.

The study also found that waking-up early is crucial to a feel-good day, with eight-thirty in the morning being chosen as the best time to wake up on a day off-work.

The top-10 songs and films chosen in the study, by Highland Spirng, can be seen below:


1) Queen- Don’t Stop Me Now

2) Pharrell Williams- Happy

3)Bon Jovi- Livin’ on a Prayer

4) ELO- Mr. Blue Sky

5) Queen- We are the Champions

6) Beach Boys- Good Vibrations

7) Taylor Swift- Shake it Off

8) David Bowie- Heroes

9) Whitney Houston- I Wanna Dance with Somebody

10) Roy Orbison- Pretty Woman


1) Dirty Dancing

2) Love Actually

3) Forrest Gump

4) Bridget Jones’s Diary

5) Mrs. Doubtfire

6) Star Wars

7) Notting Hill

8) Back to the Future

9) Dumb and Dumber

10) Groundhog Day