Music preview: Post War Glamour Girls at Beacons Festival, Skipton and Leeds Festival

Post War Glamour Girls, from left, James Smith, Ben Clyde, Alice Scott and James Jones. Picture: Bruce Rollinson
Post War Glamour Girls, from left, James Smith, Ben Clyde, Alice Scott and James Jones. Picture: Bruce Rollinson
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Not every band works their way from the underground music scene up, but Post War Glamour Girls have found a way to break through.

Being described as being reminiscent of The Birthday Party with vocals evocative of Nick Cave crossed with Frank Black, Post War Glamour Girls have been garnering mainstream attention. They’ve been asked to play NME/BBC Radio

1 stages at the Reading and Leeds festivals, as well as getting recognition from Clash magazine and now they’re about to release their new single ‘Gustave/Lolong’ on Too Pure this September.

Although they only just released their debut album in February, PWGG are already prepared to release a new single. In fact Pink War Glamour Girls say “Gustave was the first song we wrote after we’d finished recording Pink Fur last year. Recording the album, we were all quite intense and focused solely on the ten tracks written specifically for it. Once we heard the album back, we knew we achieved what we wanted to achieve with it and moved straight on.”

Plainly put, Gustave is a song about “a large crocodile from Burundi, notorious for being a man eater and having killed and estimated 300 people along the banks of the Ruzzi river, he has never been caught.”

Musically it’s a bold step forward while for Post War Glamour Girls, yet they still managed to retain their distinctive sound.

Not shy of hard work, Post aware Glamour girls aren’t just looking to get cosy with the album release and the forthcoming single, but it appears that a new album will be on it’s way to our ear drums in the not too distant future.

“The second album is well on the way. It’s the album we want to make right now, rather than getting trapped by the ‘success’ of Pink Fur, we’re making a willing and natural effort to disassociate ourselves with what people think this band should sound like”.

Post War Glamour Girls are a tight knit creative force who honestly believe that they can’t make music as Post War Glamour Girls “without all four” of them. They’re a band Yorkshire can be proud of, who in spite of releasing their new single through a London based label, have assured that “We’re not going anywhere. Our lives are in Leeds. We are a Leeds band.”

Post War Glamour Girls play at Beacons Festival on Friday August 8 and Long Division Festival in Wakefield on September 13.


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