Music interview: Tom Ogden of Blossoms on headlining the VO5 NME Awards Tour

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The time where British guitar bands sat unchallenged at the very top of the music industry may be well behind us but thanks to bands like Blossoms, the art of growing your hair long and singing love stories along to strummed guitars has clearly not lost its widespread appeal.

Off the back of their debut, Number One album the pop-rock band are currently on the road, headlining the NME tour. Sam Perry talks in further detail to lead singer Tom Ogden.

“A lot of my favourite bands have played it. It’s cool that our tour is the NME tour and it’s pretty much sold out,” he says.

Blossoms blend of the grit of Britpop with the melodic sensibility of bands such as The Clash and The Coral.

Ogden recalls a childhood spent listening to classics like ABBA and The Beatles.

“If it’s a great song and it’s got a great melody then that gets me. That’s what I’m into I suppose. My parents’ record collection as well – The Smiths, Blondie.”

I feel that’s where our music sits best. A mass sing along, everyone having a good time.

Tom Ogden

Despite the band only beginning to flirt with the idea of their twenties they are no strangers to touring.

“We did about 150 gigs last year. Last month we did a full European tour. We’ve done Japan, done Korea, North America. Just not South America yet!”

Ogden is clearly thankful for the way the band has worked so seamlessly right from the beginning,

“You can’t really put it into words. It’s unexplainable. It works and it’s cool.” It certainly works. When sold out, academy sized rooms are singing your lyrics back, you certainly know something is clicking.

“I feel that’s where our music sits best. A mass sing along, everyone having a good time.”

Like many, Ogden looks back on the early days with fond feeling.

“Some places there were five people there but you’ve got to earn your stripes and build it up instead of just jumping into these venues.”

When it comes to British rock bands arrogance and brashness may be our preferred stereotype however there is a humble, grateful nature to the way that this Stockport brewed outfit carry themselves. With the spirit of the simple but sacred nature of songwriting at the core of it all, bring on album number two. Long live the guitar and long live the long hair.

Blossoms play the Leeds leg of the VO5 NME Awards 2017 tour at O2 Academy on March 30.