Music interview: The Orwells

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The Orwells have been making a massive impression recently, mostly due to their crazy live shows, the likes of which you can probably see on youtube.

One quite infamous example is when they played ‘Who Needs You’ on the David Letterman show. They’ve also made some noise here in the UK, appearing on the Jools Holland show.

Tonight sees them starting their first UK headline tour.

Joining them are China Rats and The Silver Palms.China Rats opened the night with unrelenting rock n roll. As our Leeds representative for they night they sure did the city proud, putting on a set that would have you thinking it was them headlining.

Following were The Silver Palms. They carried themselves with the air of a huge band, although their live show was extremely stale to the point of a boredom that could leave you comatose. Thankfully for them, they had one crazy fan whose contagious energy sparked some mosh pits in the crowd.

Before The Orwells even came on stage, people were focused on talking about them. Mario Cuomo isn’t someone who can easily blend into the crowd, with his hair really giving him away, and people began to note that he was just “wondering around”. But he managed to “wonder” on stage as he and his band mates put on an absolutely mental live show.

As soon as they hit the stage the crowd went off and it remained that way all night. When you watch The Orwells live, you’re watching a band that has truly mastered their own sound, and understand how to utilise their songs to maximum impact.

One of the best things about seeing them live is simply the anticipation they build for each song, and the transitions and asides they include. Even the little “Build Me Up Buttercup” cover fit their set perfectly. It’s really something to watch a band that, just don’t try too hard, to put on a live show that will stick in your mind for days on end. It just happens. Songs like ‘Mallrats (LA LA LA)’ really do just speak for themselves.

At one point midset Mario Cuomo said “I’ll do whatever you want. Just make sure we’re the biggest band in Europe next week. We deserve it”

It might not be next week, but if they keep this up they’ll become the best live band in Europe before long.

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