Music interview: Leeds singer songwriter Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf
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“I really was serious about not making another record,” says Paul Marshall, the Leeds-based singer-songwriter otherwise known as Lone Wolf who thought he’d cut off ties with the music industry after his 2012 album The Lovers.

“It’s a really difficult, personal thing to me, I don’t expect people to really understand it, I’ve kind of become very understanding of what a complex human being I am. A lot of that came down to understanding why the whole thing makes me so anxious all the time and bizarrely the quite simple explanation was I was diagnosed with anxiety.”

In the build-up to the release of The Lovers and his two previous albums, Vultures and The Devil and I, Marshall found himself “on the verge of having a nervous breakdown, having this strange cocktail of heartache and worry”.

What changed, he says, was he “came to a point where I suddenly realised that music is something that I’m almost, not afflicted with, but the need to create something is something that I’m never really going to be able to shake”.

Feeling he had “just had one more thing to say as Lone Wolf”, he set about working with producer James Kenosha and trumpet player David Warmegard on a raw, confessional, Talk Talk-influenced album that he’s called The Lodge, after Kenosha’s studio near Bridlington.

It’s a room he says that “aside from Sophie, my wife’s, summerhouse in the north of Sweden” has long been the “only place where I can shed all of this worrying skin that’s around me”.

“For some reason whenever I sit down at the piano in Kenosha’s studio it’s almost like I’m not there long enough to record all of the ideas that I have.”

The release of The Lodge will be accompanied by a couple of shows – one at Jumbo Records in Leeds on May 8 at 5.30pm.

Marshall says: “It’s no longer about making a career for myself, it’s no longer about building an audience through slogging it out on the road or doing any of the things that make me really unhappy. It’s actually just about I really felt the need to make some music and if people want to hear it they’re perfectly welcome to but I’m going to try my damnedest not to lose any sleep or go down that horrible road that I used to go down when I was more a part of the music industry.”

For further details visit http://www.jumborecords.co.uk/ or http://iamlonewolf.com/