Music interview: Kylie promises fans plenty of Eighties hits during latest tour

Kylie Minogue.
Kylie Minogue.
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It’s a curse of modern life that whenever you ask someone how they are, they say they’re ‘busy’.

A bit of a nothing answer, really, up there with the typically British stock responses of ‘fine thanks’ and ‘not so bad’.

An exception can perhaps be made in the case of Kylie Minogue, who answers the question by saying she’s “busy busy busy” (at least it’s not ‘lucky, lucky, lucky’...).

The 46-year-old is about to go on tour, so it’s easy to imagine her schedule being pretty packed.

“We’ve got the band on one half of the rehearsal room, and the dancers on the other, with sound guys and wardrobe in another room. It’s like a micro-village,” she says. “And we’re all cramped, chomping at the bit.

“There are so many decisions to be made, so much information to absorb and so on, but it’s a very, very exciting time.”

Being on tour creates a “bubble”, she admits, insulating her and the rest of the crew from the outside world. The build-up can be a confusing time, because she has one foot in her real life, the other in tour-mode.

“It’s a bit odd, but when we’re fully on the road, you can’t really think about anything else, and the crew becomes family. If someone needs a hand or is having an off day, everyone else just rallies around to pick up the slack and helps out where they can. It’s an incredible thing.”

The forthcoming tour will be the first time she’s taken songs from Kiss Me Once, the album she released in March this year, out on the road. She’s performed a couple of them before, but with a backing track, rather than the full live band that’ll accompany her on tour.

There’ll be six songs from Kiss Me Once, a further 18 from the remainder of her career, including a medley or two (“I do love a medley”), a couple of unexpected covers and, perhaps most exciting for pop fans, a full section of her Eighties hits.

“We’ve got access to the actual PWL sounds,” Kylie reveals, referring to – for those not up on their Eighties pop – Pete Waterman Ltd, home to artists in the Stock, Aitken and Waterman songwriting and production stable.

“We’ve worked closely with them to get the recordings, and it’s just brilliant,” says Kylie. “You’re going to hear sounds that you haven’t heard since the Eighties. They’re not all in the same key, though,” she adds, noting that she can’t quite hit the high notes of I Should Be So Lucky any more.

* Kylie’s 12th album, Kiss Me Once, is out now. She’s touring the UK and Ireland from September 24.

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