Music interview – Kinga Kreffta: ‘All relationships can be difficult, you need to communicate’

Kinga Kreffta's new single, Easy To Love, is out now.
Kinga Kreffta's new single, Easy To Love, is out now.
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Kinga Kreffta trained as an opera singer in Poland but has found her true voice in the world of pop.

After a spell in London five years ago, working as a waitress, she decided to remain in England. “I really liked the people and everything overall, so I thought I would like to study music in England and I found Leeds College of Music,” she says. At the second attempt she managed to get a place on a pop course. “Now I’ve graduated and I decided to stay because I have an English boyfriend,” she says.

Kreffta, who was born in Gdansk on the Baltic coast and raised in Malbork, used to write both classical and pop songs but she explains: “I wasn’t the best opera singer – to get solo roles in opera for example you really have to be very good – so [to continue] I think I would have to maybe find a job in a choir and I wasn’t interested in doing that, so I thought I would give it a go in pop music and learn my skills in that. But we don’t have that many schools of pop music in Poland as in Britain.”

Her new single, Easy To Love, is her fourth release. “There were a couple of singles before and an EP last year. The song was written last year and it’s me thinking generally speaking about relationships and how people can be difficult,” she chuckles. “You need to be kind and understanding and tolerant in terms of making the relationship work, because we are all different and people are not easy to love.

“My boyfriend’s English so I can see some cultural differences as well. You need to talk, you need to communicate and try to understand each other, but in a deeper meaning I think all relationships are difficult. Relationships in society, work relationships or political relationships as well.

“I think maybe Brexit is because of people not communicating too much, judging each other. Sometimes people judge you not knowing you, or don’t want to get to know you. I’m just saying that people should communicate more and be more tolerant of each other. In relationships it’s easier to break up and find a new boyfriend or a new girlfriend and move on, but the same problems will come back. To get rid of the problem you need to find its roots, so maybe try to co-operate more or empathise or understand other people’s views.”

Kinga Kreffta studied at Leeds College of Music.

Kinga Kreffta studied at Leeds College of Music.

Kreffta adds: “Being a Polish person, I’m hurt a little bit hurt when I heard [in the media] that Polish people are coming to England for benefits and sitting and not doing anything, or if I come across immigration stories. I’m a Polish person who is working hard and contribute to the community in England.

“I’m not saying English people are racist, in fact the opposite – I really like English people and I’ve found them easy to get on with, Polish and English people have a similar sense of humour. But sometimes it’s hurtful when you come across [negative] opinions about Polish people. I would like to say get to know me and then judge me.”

In 2016 Kreffta contributed to an ebook called Poles in the UK. “It was written by Bryn Best, an English journalist. The book shows how Polish people in Britain contribute to society. It introduces people to Polish culture, Polish food – there are some recipes – and the geography and history of Poland. I was interviewed for the book and I interviewed a few people as well.”

It led to Kreffta appearing on Polish television and also earned her a fan in Arkady Rzegocki, the Polish ambassador to London. “He’s my good friend. I visited the Polish embassy a couple of weeks ago. I have lots of support there.”

The song was written last year and it’s me thinking generally speaking about relationships and how people can be difficult.

Kinga Kreffta

When not performing her own music, Kreffta keeps busy. “I do gigs singing covers also I’m in two function bands and I have a tribute band as well. Every weekend I’m doing something and if I don’t have a gig I go to York and busk on the streets.”

Easy to Love is available digitally now.