Music interview: Funeral For A Friend

Funeral For a Friend
Funeral For a Friend
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Welsh rockers Funeral For A Friend are returning to Leeds for what should be an excellent show, whilst touring their latest album, Chapter and Verse, which has already been championed by BBC Radio 1’s Daniel Carter.

With Kerrang! saying that their album Casually Dressed In Conversation is one of the best albums released of the Noughties, they certainly seem unstoppable in the rock world right now. We managed to grab a quick chat with vocalist Matt Davies-Kreye pre-tour before things got hectic for the band.

First things first, the debut music video and first track released called 1% had a very serious and poignant message to get across.

“We wanted it to convey a sense of feeling like you have betrayed yourself and become part of what you never thought you would become a part of. The whole thing is about people in power, that one per cent, looking after themselves, taking from the people who need it the most, and lining their own pockets with bonuses and things like that, just everything thats occurred over the last seven or so years with the economic crash. I mean, you see the effects of these crashes and government cuts in the communities and in the people around you, and it all ended up filtering into that song, really, and we wanted to make sure the video did right by that theme and everything.”

With Pat Lundy leaving last year, I wanted to find out what kind of impact that had on the band. Losing a drummer can never be easy, right?

“There is no animosity there, actually, or anything like that. He started playing some shows with Modestep last year and basically got offered the job on the back of that and he took it, and I can’t fault him for that at all. You know, they’re on the up and doing good things. I mean it isn’t the scene of music I’m into or anything, but it us what he loves and for him it was a bit of a conflict, but you have to do what you have to do. At the end of the day, he is a crazily good drummer, we are a 14-year-old band and we’re not exactly going to be doing any ‘mega’ things any time soon, so for us it was a case of look after yourself. “

Bringing the conversation back around to the current FFAF tour, I asked how Matt felt about this tour in particular. “We have been on this record since March, that is when we turned it in, so it has been a bit of a wait, actually.

“We still played a couple of shows on the lead up to this tour, with some of the new songs, and they went down pretty good, I think.”

Funeral For a Friend play at Leeds University Stylus on Tuesday.