Music interview: EMA’s third studio album keeps diehard fans happy

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On Thursday American singer songwriter Erika M Anderson (better known by her stage name EMA), will be headlining the Brudenell Social Club towards the end of her European tour.

After going solo, following the end of her previous band Gowns, she’s been accumulating popularity to 
the point where once Yahoo!News deemed her the “most blogged about artist of the week”.

Her latest release The Future’s Void was released in April via City Slang Records. Targeting topical issues such the way women are portrayed in So Blonde to our ever increasing digitalization.

Even though these topics are things that are often talked about, considering the society at large, EMA assures that the album is much more introspective than the topics may suggest.

“A lot of it is about me blowing up on the internet for a second,” she said.

Thanks to that popularity increase EMA, who hails from South Dakota, has seen a change in the type of venue she plays, which has also necessitated a change in her live set-up.

“The whole set-up is a lot tighter than it was, “ she said.

“The last tour I barely played that much in clubs; normally we play in warehouses, art spaces, and DIY spaces. It took a second to adapt, it was like a learning curve for a different style of performance. I think I’m still figuring it out, and now it sounds a little tighter, and it sounds bigger.”

With the album released and the tour under way, EMA sounded slightly uncertain, but was happy to announce that the reactions to the new songs have been positive.

“I was surprised. I was worried that it was gonna be old time fans, that wouldn’t...Well, I just thought maybe people wouldn’t have connected with the new music yet”.

EMA took a step into new territory with her latest release, so it’s always a wonder whether fans will appreciate the change.

“A lot of fans hold that first record dear, and the new record is just a different style, she said.

“But I think it makes a lot of sense why, listening to it altogether.”

For now she’s in England for a small UK tour, and all she really wants is a good laugh.

“I really appreciate the British sense of humour. It takes a second to get used to, it can be a bit intimidating when you first arrive. But I just want some British people to make me laugh, I guess.”

Thursday June 5, Brudenell Social Club, Queens Road, Hyde Park, Leeds, 7.30pm, £8.

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