Music interview: Drenge

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“We’re trying to stay true to ourselves, we haven’t transformed into One Direction or there’s no kind of super metallic moments on there or anything. We’re still trying to be ourselves as much as we can.”

So says Eoin Loveless of Undertow, the second album by Yorkshire alternative rock group Drenge.

Nevertheless there’s powerful sense of a band growing in confidence and musical ambition with this record. Loveless puts that down to considerable touring. “I think there was just a level of confidence so we could see where our songwriting was going and the second album was just kind of a push to really get the best out of us as much as we could.”

Originally a duo – of Eoin and his brother Rory – Drenge now have a bass player, Rob Graham, formerly of Sheffield blues rock band Wet Nuns.

“It helps in a songwriting sense and in a live sense because it gives Rory a lot more freedom on the drums. Rory’s more of a jazz-based drummer than he is a rock-based drummer; having a bassist there helps him move out of the stricter lines that there are in rock music,” Eoin says.

Undertow is out now. Drenge play at the Leadmill, Sheffield on April 17.

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