Music interview – Brett Gould: ‘I can’t wait to get back on the decks’

Brett Gould
  • The biggest memory so far was playing my own track called ‘Mess with the Freak’ – it absolutely went off! It was a great feeling.

With a growing number of acclaimed releases on some of the most respected imprints in the business, there’s no doubt that Brett Gould has firmly cemented his place within the underground house circuit.

Building his reputation behind the decks through a two-year residency at London’s Lightbox, as well as playing alongside the likes of Eats Everything, Solardo, Mark Jenkyns, Sasha, Franky Rizardo and more, he has quickly become one of the scene’s most exciting and accomplished talents.

Ahead of his appearance at Teatro in Leeds on Friday, he spoke to the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Hi Brett, how has 2018 treated you so far? Seems like you’ve been busy?

It’s treated me very well and busy would be an understatement! I’m writing so much music in-between gigs and finishing the final year of a music degree!

You’re returning to Leeds for another Teatro party, are you looking forward to the gig? What are your biggest memories of playing here?

Brett Gould

I’m really looking forward to the night. The Leeds crew are so cool and I can’t wait to get back on the decks. The biggest memory so far was playing my own track called ‘Mess with the Freak’ – it absolutely went off! It was a great feeling. I hope again to create some more memories, not just for myself but for everyone in the club.

Do you prefer the smaller, more intimate basement shows to say a warehouse rave? What’s your preference as a DJ?

Playing a warehouse rave or big festival stage is amazing when you see the hands go up from the front to the back. But playing an intimate gig with the crowd right in front of you gives you a feeling of connection as you’re practically on the dancefloor with everyone. It’s easier to know where your set is going because of the connection. Looking at the clubbers response when you’re playing is incredible.

You’ve got big releases on Glasgow Underground and 7 Wallace coming up, can we expect to hear those in your set at Teatro? What else can we expect to hear from you?

Yes, I definitely will be playing them. I never plan a set, so I go with the crowd reaction and my gut at the time. I’ve just finished some other tracks too, so they will be getting road tested. I also like to play one or two classics. Not obvious classics but tracks that again bring back memories and completely work the floor.

Summer will be here before we know it, are you looking forward to festival season? What have you got planned?

I’m a summer person so that’s a big yes! I’ll be spinning at some international festivals as well as UK. Ibiza’s calling too and my shows are getting booked as we speak. Can’t wait!

A lot of attention now goes on the production and theatrical elements of a show, Teatro is certainly getting a reputation for this. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at a party?

I can’t repeat it here! You’ll have to ask me at Teatro, ha ha.

Brett Gould is at Teatro, Leeds on Friday, March 2.

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