Music interview – Bad Touch: ‘We aim to be a feelgood rock band’

Bad Touch
Bad Touch
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Bad Touch are making a name for themselves as one of the rock bands to see for good time hard rock with a Southern twist.

Terry Caster caught up with lead singer Stevie Westwood as he prepared for the bands first headline tour of the UK.

Can you describe the band for anyone who hasn’t seen you or heard you.

There’s a Southern American rock influence and we aim to be pretty much a feelgood rock band, break down the barriers between the band and gig-goer and all have a good time together, really. We’ve been influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Crowes – those kind of bands.

In one of your first videos you did a thing where you all swapped instruments to satisfy an annoying director. Do you play other instruments? What would be you instrument of choice as a vocalist?

I do play a bit of guitar actually. It’s ideal when you’re songwriting. And I do like making a noise on the drums, not that I’d say I’m any good. I like trying most things.

We aim to be pretty much a feelgood rock band, break down the barriers between the band and gig-goer and all have a good time together.

Stevie Westwood

How long have you been together, how did you meet up up?

We formed in December 2009, the two guitarists, Rob and went to school together, played in a band together and found George and Bailey the drummer and bass player and then I joined in a little later and that was that.

You’re touring with Mollie Marriott, who has a great range of experience behind her. Will she be joining you on stage?

She sings on our latest single and it would be great if we can do some more work with her, but it is early days at the moment so we’ll have to see how it goes. Her dad, Steve Marriott was always a great influence on me, from Humble Pie and Small Faces.

You’re playing at the Brudenell on this tour. What do think of small gigs?

I enjoy it when there’s everyone in front of you and you can make contact with them. The Brudenell’s really good, it’s a great shape and there’s no escape if you know what I mean!

You’ve implied in previous interviews it isn’t easy to make a living recording. What the best way to make a living do you think?

Well obviously you can make a living but it is harder now with streaming and everything. We’re doing our best by playing live, touring and getting out there trying to share the experience with as many people as possible.

This is your first headlining tour. Any plans for after?

We’re on with our next album which will be out at the beginning of 2018 and then the new year will see us doing more touring. It is great to be out there playing gigs, meeting people and doing our thing.

Bad Touch play Brudenell Social Club, Leeds on November 24 with special guest Mollie Marriott.