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Goodbye Chanel
Goodbye Chanel
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Leeds band Goodbye Chanel are exerting some regional pride, this month. They are giving the Yorkshire Evening Post the exclusive first play of their new single, Maman/Youth.

Speaking to Giuseppe De Luca and Scott Johnson from the band ahead of the single release, they elaborate on why they decided to make the initial release of their song a regional one rather than a national one.

“The idea behind it was that when we first put out some music together, after Scott created Goodbye Chanel and put out a record; when we made a full band out of it, we put out a couple of tunes and they went really big online, but it wasn’t very real. We ended up just kind of falling into London shows, a lot of them, which is great, but we just kind of thought there’s some really interesting things going on in places like Leeds and Sheffield. The idea behind it is to kind of get our name in those scenes and see what they’re about, as well,” explains Giuseppe.

The band have just completed a tour with Famy, who they opened for. They also opened for Fools Gold at the Brudenell Social Club, last Friday.

The sound of Goodbye Chanel is the result of a mix of eclectic influences from each member.

“I think we have a lot of crossovers, definitely,” begins Scott. “We listen to loads of different stuff. Our drummer, Graham, was into heavy metal. Adam, our bass player, is into a lot of electronic music. I’m massively influenced by older music from the 70s and 80s, as is Giuseppe. But there’s a load of new stuff that comes out, so we always take an interest in new stuff. I’m a big fan of War On Drugs’ new album.”

Goodbye Chanel have earned themselves a reputation as a one-to-watch band, and they have watched their fan base grow. Yes, this is one band that is very eager to get their music out there for as many people to hear it as possible. The meaning behind their name, however, is another story.

“We kinda let that speak for itself, to be honest,” says Scott. “It’s open to interpretation. Whatever people want to make of it, they can make of, you know? It’s not something we really want to pinpoint down, if we’re honest. There’s probably a few things, but I’d prefer it to be open to interpretation.”

The single Maman/Youth is out on October 20. Listen to the new single

The band headline the Nation of Shopkeepers on October 28.

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