Live At Leeds preview: Lawson at O2 Academy

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Scouse quartet Lawson are one of the most-anticipated headliners at this year’s Live at Leeds.

It’s been three years since their top five début album, Chapman Square, which spawned four top 20 singles, was released. Now, as well as eagerly anticipating festival season, Lawson are looking forward to the release of their follow-up record.

Speaking to lead singer and guitarist Andy Brown, he comments that the reason for the long gap between releases was so that the band could grow musically and experiment with their sound.

“I think, for us, we wanted to make sure that we wrote an album that we absolutely loved. After releasing Chapman Square, which did really well commercially, we thought ‘let’s really take our time and write an album that we absolutely love. It takes a long time to write an album when you’ve got to be sure that all the tracks are banging on there, so we went out to Nashville and spent a good six months out there just writing, recording and experimenting with different sounds, and the results we came up with were amazing. We’re really excited to get it out there and, hopefully, people are going to love it.”

The perennial problem with bands who achieve huge success with their first record is that they are all too often doomed to a lifetime of having their work compared to that first release. However, Brown laughs off this notion. “To be honest, I don’t think it was pressure, I think it was more excitement for us. As a band, we’ve really matured; as a songwriter I’ve really got better, so I’m really excited now to get this next phase of Lawson out there because I think it’s a lot more grown up, the sound.”

Live at Leeds will be the latest in a long line of festivals in Lawson’s carer. “We’ve done so many, I love playing Isle of Wight Festival, that’s always a good one, we’ve played that for the last two years. Also, T in the Park’s a great one, that’s one of our favourites. At V Festival we always get a really good crowd.

“Festivals are a really good time for us to sort of show people what we can do. I think a lot of people have heard our stuff on the radio and stuff but never seen us live, so I think we surprise a lot of people.”

So, what can Live at Leeds attendees expect from this band? “We’ll be playing our brand new single, Roads, which comes out on May 24. Also, we’ll be playing a few brand new tracks off our new album as well, which is going to be coming out later on in the summer.”

Lawson are scheduled to play the O2 Academy at 9.30pm. For further details visit