Leeds Roller Dolls get in a spin in city band’s music video

Skaters from Leeds Roller Dolls starred in city band China Shop Bull's new video 'Crunch Time'
Skaters from Leeds Roller Dolls starred in city band China Shop Bull's new video 'Crunch Time'
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Players from Leeds Roller Dolls got in a spin starring in the new music video for city punk band China Shop Bull.

The band, who have toured across Europe with acts such as Dreadzone, The Dub Pistols, Sonic Boom Six and The Skints, had wanted to get involved with promoting roller derby for a while, and when putting together ideas for the video for their new song Crunch Time, thought the partnership was perfect.

China Shop Bull, who play a mix of unk, ska, rave and drum and bass, have just released their new album Public Disorder: Act1.

Lead singer Obi Joe said: “We have friends who have been into roller derby for a while. When they showed us what it was all about we wondered – how could we get involved in promoting this amazing sport? If we like it so much, there must be loads of others who will too.

“Then we thought of doing a music video for the song ‘Crunch Time’ from our new album. The song is exciting, hard hitting and energetic just like the sport itself. It’s great way to promote both us and Leeds Roller Dolls.”

Filming for the video took place at the Roller Dolls home venue, Futsal Arena near the White Rose Centre, and skaters can be seen circling the band as they play Crunch Time - as well as throwing in a few tricks.

Leeds Roller Dolls skater Keiran Bull said: “Participating in the video was hilarious; it was exciting being able to do this with my team mates and the guys were so enthusiastic. We fed off their energy and them ours which created a crazy atmosphere to be in. It’s great how roller derby presents interesting opportunities.”

Picture: Chris Little Photography