Gig review: Thin Lizzy

THIN LIZZY are back, the unmistakable drive of Are You Ready blasting out, and straight away it is clear that the current line up works, every man on the stage nailing his part and deservedly grinning!

Scott Gorham and Vivian Campbell are the perfect partnership for the vital dual guitar lines, and they are on right on the money, while Marco Mendoza does the basslines delicious justice. Ricky Warwick earns his stripes with a very true interpretation of Lynott's vocal style, while keeping his own husky tones intact.

Jailbreak is awesome, with smoke and sound pouring from the stage accompanied by shots of the delighted crowd on the stage screens. This creates a stadium effect and underlines the feeling that we are really witnessing something special tonight.

The songs really are brilliant guitar vehicles and Thin Lizzy 2011 launch seamlessly into Don't Believe a Word with a slick professionalism.

Everyone in the room sings for Dancing in the Moonlight and the atmosphere is hot and joyful. Scott's solo is clear, piercing and brilliant. Ricky is spot on, injecting his sultry vocal tones into the wonderfully familiar songs, and they really are brought to life again.

Darren Wharton has his moment with Renegade, delivering an immense keyboard solo that brings the pout out of every rocker here. He follows this beautifully with a wonderful vocal on Still in Love With You. This is a highlight for me; the rock ballad works really well with Ricky and Darren's voices complement the subtle bassline.

Photos of Phil Lynott fade in and out behind the band as Vivian begins Whiskey in the Jar while The Boys Are Back in Town is obviously so much fun for the boys on the stage that we're jealous we can't be up there with them. The uplifting genius of the harmonious riffs sends the audience into a state of euphoria.

Thin Lizzy put the joy back in rock n' roll tonight.

Scott Caizley.

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