Gig review: The Tubes at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

The Tubes
The Tubes
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Escaped madman? Check. 18 inch stack glitter platform boots? Check. Bondage gimp mask and thong? Check. All this and more mean it must be The Tubes, live in Leeds and enthralling a packed Brudenell with a selection of their most popular music – and stage personas – from their 40 year career.

Lead singer Fee Waybill was back by original members, Rick Andersen (bass), Prairie Prince (drums) and Roger Steen (guitar) along with new boy (well, new since 1996...) Dave Medd on keyboards.

Recounting memories of touring Leeds shortly after they formed, Waybill looked in amazing form for a man in his seventh decade.

Two and a half hours of energetic showmanship included hits like She’s a Beauty, Mondo Bondage, Mr Hate and – of course – White Punks on Dope.

Plenty of outstanding musicianship belied any misconceptions this was a re-formed three chord punk band: the crime medley and final Hendrix-inspired encore proved that. Songs are complex, and display the writing skills that have earned long standing recognition for the group in the industry.

As they approach the final dates of their European tour to mark the 40th aniversary of their first album, The Tubes show that they are still full of life and consummate entertainers.

What do you want from life? If it’s outrageous theatrics with great rock music to deliver a great night out, then thankfully The Tubes are still delivering it.

Gig date: August 11