Gig review: The Quireboys at Warehouse 23, Wakefield

The Quireboys. Picture: Anthony Longstaff
The Quireboys. Picture: Anthony Longstaff
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Stripped back to a four piece, The Quireboys are in Wakefield to play an acoustic set showcasing a pick of their favourites and some material from their new album, Black Eyed Son.

The Quireboys have had a formidable career spanning some 30 years, playing some of the biggest stages with the biggest bands mainly throughout the late 80s and early 90s.

Their band line-up has seen more changes than a TOWIE member’s tan and has included the likes of Wildhearts frontman, Ginger. Tours with The Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses, Soungarden and Iggy Pop has seen them play in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

With over 15 albums including live albums and compilations it’s now Wakefield’s turn to embrace their bandana-wearing frontman, Spike.

Playing a mix of hard rock and honky tonk blues The Quireboys have a sound which is only matched by a select few, including the likes of The Blackcrows and more recently with a heavier edge, Black Stone Cherry. So it’s Jack Daniels at the ready and good old rock ’n’ roll set to look forward to.

The first thing that makes the The Quireboys noticeable is Spikes voice. His gravelly tones mix superbly with that deep American blues rock sound and not a peep of his north east roots pull through. Tonight, though, his voice is really outweighted by guitar and this is a shame because this is 60 per cent of what makes the The Quireboys so unique. However he emits all the confidence of a seasoned pro and his interaction with the crowd is second to none.

The great thing about the band is that even though this is an acoustic set, the harmonica, the acoustic solos and the piano really do replicate that blues rock sound really well and the lack of a drummer isn’t really noticeable.

In my opinion the venue doesn’t suit the band and that really is because I’ve seen them on bigger stages with a bigger electric sound or you’d imagine them to be in a basement bar with an upright piano in a small hicksville town in the back of beyond Alabama but it’s still 90 minutes or so of pure passion and fun.

The Quireboys are always going to be one of those bands that never ceases to be. They’ve chosen the life of endless gigs and touring and long may it continue.

Gig date: May 23

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