Gig review: The Go! Team at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

The Go! Team. Picture: Channel 4 Television
The Go! Team. Picture: Channel 4 Television
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Ian Parton, the mastermind behind The Go! Team, has speculated that The Scene Between might be the band’s last release. If that’s the case then it’s certainly not evident by the party atmosphere at the Brudenell as they play in support of their fourth album.

Composed and recorded solely by Parton, save for the vocals, it’s a credit to the members of the six-piece touring band that they make it sound like they own the material. This is all the more impressive given the range of styles covered during the 16-song set.

One minute the hyperactive Ninja is rapping over the indie-hip hop crossovers of ‘Grip Like A Vice’ and ‘She’s Got Guns’, the next Angela Won-Yin Mak is delivering sweet, Asobi Seksu-style dream pop on ‘What D’You Say?’ and ‘The Art Of Getting By’.

There’s even scope for a Lemon Jelly banjo-led instrumental with ‘Everyone’s A VIP To Someone’, the layered samples of which make it the closest the band get to revealing their origins as a bedroom project.

All of these genres are broadly contained within a cohesive sound by the distorted guitars and powerhouse drumming. Joined on the likes of ‘T.O.R.N.A.D.O.’ by a second percussionist, the irrepressible beats are given maximum tribal impact.

It’s a mish-mash of sounds that’s undeniably rooted in a very mid-00s mindset but, when it sounds this fresh, maybe there’s something to be gained by looking back in order to find the way forward.

Gig date: June 6