Gig review: Talkboy at Oporto, Leeds

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Talkboy shared with us musical personality so rich in zest and playful energy that with one squeeze of the room you would have been able to fill your largest jug with the finest lemonade you have ever tasted.

Launching their debut single ,‘Mother’, the happy-go-lucky, trash rockers performed with the kind of energy that you get when receiving a new toy. Head banging fringe-fights played see-saw with theatrical lyric painting, fragile and bashful in their nature.

Combining his soaring Morrissey-like vocal with a Ferris Bueller charm, front man Calum Juniper guided us through a set of glowing musicality and astute songwriting. I look forward to listening to the lyrical detail in a setting where it will flourish even more.

Following on from the Swedish masterclass out in Russia earlier that day we were treated to a superb rendition of ABBA’s ‘Mamma Mia’. This was a sharp and intelligent move that captured the hearts of the gig goers, fresh from a day of vitamin D absorption and ready to acquaint themselves with a mid-week Corona.

This was music for music’s sake with a real sense of unconditional togetherness. The final track exemplified Talkboy’s wonderful ability not just to perform as a group as a family. The tune was an opportunity to share hugs and smiles with each other as much as it was to feed off the crowd’s animation. There was a real organic atmosphere, copy and pasted straight from the heart of the rehearsal room.

We reached the final track, punctuated by a brilliant piece of poetry: ‘Time waits for no one, especially not you and me’. Simple and relatable thus positively inspirational.

I eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to pour myself a glass of Tallboy where I will once again raise it in admiration and appreciation for such a colourfully characterful band.