Gig review: Samuel S Parkes at 360 Club at The Library, Leeds

Samuel S Parkes. Picture: Jon Cronshaw
Samuel S Parkes. Picture: Jon Cronshaw
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Having previously been involved in several bands, Samuel S. Parkes decided to go it alone this time, bringing ‘proper R&B’ to a sold out 360 Club, in the form of his debut EP ‘Night Owl’.

First on stage was Mainline, a gritty, old school rock ’n’ roll band. The second act on the bill, indie rock band New Vinyl, were good but frustrating to watch. There was a lack of energy which made the performance feel pretty lacklustre even though the songs were decent.

Throughout the entire night, there were stickers all over people’s chests and faces containing the words ‘Samuel S Parkes’, everything about the night was geared towards making sure he set of his solo career as strong as possible. The way he just kicked into his first song and it had such a light and inviting tone that allows you just to stand back and enjoy the good vibes emanating from the stage.

Although this night was all about Parkes, his backing band have to be praised for how on-point they are. A tight band that really helped to elevate the songs, and with singer Rachel Mary Shaw sometimes showing her dancing ability, everyone was thoroughly entertained. Parkes didn’t say much between songs, and he didn’t need to.

By the end of the set there was a feeling of satisfaction. Though Parkes’ return to the stage felt a little unnecessary, without any cries for an encore, when he played a final acoustic song the whole thing was saved, and he made sure the night ended on a high. It was a surprising gem at the end of the set.

Gig date: March 8

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