Gig review: Ont’ Sofa at Leeds Corn Exchange

Fiona Bevan. Picture: Andy Willsher
Fiona Bevan. Picture: Andy Willsher
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Ont’ Sofa are here to stand up for real music and bring real talented musicians to the ears of the online generation. As part of their mission they’ve brought Skinny Living, Beth McCarthy, Fiona Bevan and The Dunwells, to The Corn Exchange for a night of good music, drinks and a laid back atmosphere.

First on at the Corn Exchange was Skinny Living. They started off slow and melancholic, and built towards more energetic all the while show great musicianship and the ability to have the crowds attention locked on them, through masterful control over the pacing and building of their songs.

Following them was bubbly young Beth McCarthy, who you might know from having appeared on The Voice earlier this year. Her outgoing personality really rubbed off on the crowd, whom she ended up convincing to sing along in the chorus of one her songs. Live, her music really connects on a sentimental level, which stems from her emotions permeating throughout every part of the performance.

Fiona Bevan was the final artist I was able to see that night. Having co-wrote ‘Little Things’ with Ed Sheeran, it was expected that her songs would be well written. However the standard that they were written and performed were so high it was overwhelming. From ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ to ‘Us and The Darkness’, she showed that she has a real knack for creating individually brilliant songs, and bearing witness to that in a live setting was truly special.

Gig date: May 23

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