Gig review: Luna Pines at Oporto, Leeds

Luna Pines at Oporto, Leeds. Picture: Neil Chapman
Luna Pines at Oporto, Leeds. Picture: Neil Chapman
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Luna Pines are a Leeds-based electronica band who have released a sprinkling of singles over the last 18 months.

The release of their first EP, ‘The House We Lived In’, saw them play a launch gig at Oporto Bar. The new EP features two of the previously released singles, ‘Spring’ and ‘Medics’ along with two newly release tracks ‘Drip’ and the title track ‘The House We Lived in’.
Oporto has changed quite a bit with the stage no longer using the window onto Calls Lane as a backdrop but a black curtain making the whole venue feel a little more solid. The sound system also seems to have received a hefty upgrade and the deep bass used by all of the bands set glasses dancing and the pots and the pans in the kitchen area rattling.
The support acts tonight were a complimentary mix with Denton Thrift opening proceedings. In The Morning Lights followed up with an set of deep bass, big vocals and simple drums and guitar above a mix of keyboards and samples. The gathering hushed for the more acoustic moments in the set which was unfortunately brought to an early end as a technical failure on-stage hit during the final song. Laminate Pet Animals were the main support and delivered a set full of soothing keyboards mixed with acoustic guitar and a trio of vocal harmonies. All of the supports were a fine accompaniment for the main event.
Luna Pines took a while to set-up as they are very much a live band that doesn’t rely on ‘pushing a button and walking away’ as some Electronic acts do. The joint vocals of Holly and Ryan intertwine with a clean guitar and drums which sit neatly on top of an electronic backdrop of the keyboards and samples from Lotte and Ellie. They even grow there core members for a couple of numbers and add sax and violin into the mix.
The tracks from the new EP are all here in the set along with the previous singles ‘Off Your Island’ and ‘My Own Ceiling’. The overall feel of Luna Pines sounds is chilled and relaxing tunes that make perfect listening on a lazy afternoon. They take on a new life when played live, with the newer singles ‘Spring’ and ‘Medics’ sounding massive. There is definitely an energy that is extra to the recorded versions. A short set was met with warm applause and calls for more from the crowd, but the calls remain unanswered as all of the recorded output was covered already. ‘The House We Lived In’ is available now as a digital release from the usual sources.