Gig Review: Live At Leeds

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April 30 @ various venues

Now in its fifth year, the Live At Leeds all-dayer again proved to be a great success, with the smooth running of the nine-venues-one-wristband event testament to hard work put in behind the scenes.

Cheery local band Blood Oranges got our day off to a lively start at the Brudenell Social Club with their sparky indie-pop.

Our next choice, Milk White White Teeth at The Well, were less involving, their White Lies and Wild Beasts-influenced sound failing to gel until a closing number threw some welcome LCD Soundsystem-style propulsive drive into the mix.

Down at the Holy Trinity Church, new signings to the boutique Bella Union record label Lanterns On The Lake were charming the chin-strokers with their folky take on the quiet-loud post-rock template.

Up at the Leeds Met, Wigan’s The Suzukis seemed to be unsuccessfully trying to breathe some life into the corpse of Oasis, which proved to be a marked contrast to the genre-busting moves of Breton down at Nation of Shopkeepers.

Cramming a huge amount of hi-tech kit into the venue’s cosy confines and soundchecking with ruthless efficiency, the five-piece, all clad in black hoodies, clearly meant business. Their moody collision of hip-hop beats, bass-heavy electronica and angsty rock proved equally intense.

Similarly adventurous, but more leafy suburb than urban, the hotly-tipped Dutch Uncles showed off some playful prog-pop numbers at the Leeds Met.

The band are quirky, melodic and clever without being overbearing, and frontman Duncan Wallis’s awkward dance moves and nerdy threads added to the fun.

After those carefully crafted creations, however, there was only one place to go – downstairs to have our ears well and truly frazzled by the glorious force of nature that is Pulled Apart By Horses.

If they really did punch a lion in the throat he got off lightly.


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