Gig review: Happy Mondays at O2 Academy Leeds

Happy Mondays
Happy Mondays
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Say what you like about the Happy Mondays, and many have down the years, but they certainly retain their allure.

Wooing a decent-sized crowd of thirty and forty-somethings with their breakthrough second album, the irresistible, dance-influenced Bummed, the legendary Madchester band continued their revival by performing the entire track listing, plus some greatest hits for good measure.

Shaun Ryder, Bez and Rowetta were generally on top form.

“It’s great to be back in Yorkshire,” Bez told the raucous, if far from capacity, crowd.

Cue thunderous chanting as the Mondays kicked off things with an impressive rendition of Performance.

Their setlist worked well as they progressed through Do It Better, Lazyitis, Bring a Friend, Fat Lady Wrestlers, Clap Your Hands, Moving in With, Mad Cyril, Tart Tart and Wrote for Luck.

Hallelujah, Kinky Afro and Step On really ripped things up and, in many ways, gave a lot of fans what they came for.

Ryder’s voice is never perfect – and there were a couple of pitch issues early on in the set – but the adoring crowd will forgive him that. And rightly so.

On this evidence, the Mondays are likely to be around for some time yet – and how we should all raise a glass to that.

Gig date: November 30

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