Gig review: Goldfrapp at O2 Academy Leeds

Goldfrapp. Picture: Daniel Roberts
Goldfrapp. Picture: Daniel Roberts
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It’s been 13 years since I last saw Goldfrapp on their Supernature tour, an album that cemented the band as glam disco superstars both here and in America.

The intervening years have seen a further four full-length albums released by the duo of Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, that have seen them flirt with 80s pop and ambient folktronica culminating in this year’s seventh album’Silver Eye, a dark and sparse synth album that recalls elements of their debut Felt Mountain.

As a fan, I am hard to please when it comes to Goldfrapp. If an album is pure pop and electro, I yearn for the sparse folk beauty of album Seventh Tree, conversely when that album dropped I wanted more foot stomping disco like Black Cherry.

This is where I raise my issue with the night’s performance, drawing heavily from the darker, moodier tracks that sit well at home on the stereo, but of which I don’t wish to stand listening to on a cold November evening, Goldfrapp and band drudged along at such a pace that the first hour seemed to take an eternity.

Then as if a gift from the disco synth gods, Goldfrapp’s pace kicked in with a glittery boot full of danceable tracks including Number One, Ooh La La, Ride A White Horse and Strict Machine. My prayers had been answered.

Herein is my double-edged sword as a fan of Goldfrapp. I want the blissful slow ambience at home, but I crave the sequined glitter disco and danceable tracks when I see the band live.

A few more of these at the start of the show could have set the tone in a more fun direction to kick start some life into the gig that initially it so desperately needed.

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