Gig review: Don Broco at Leeds Metropolitan University

Don Broco. Picture: Tom Barnes
Don Broco. Picture: Tom Barnes
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First album, first night of their first headline tour. Big things going on for Don Broco this year.

From their beginnings in Bedford, four years of touring with numerous bands (Enter Shikari, We Are The Ocean, to name a couple), and they finally managed to land a record deal with Search And Destroy Records in 2012.

Tonight is about the accumulation of five years of graft, and Leeds Met’s The Stage is completely packed full of anticipating fans. However Bad Rabbits still managed to make a good impression. Armed with soul, some smooth dance moves and a singer with a killer falsetto, Bad Rabbits really meant business. Them flying in from Boston for this tour is much appreciated.

Next, the real reason everyone’s here tonight turned up. From the moment the background music cut for their entrance, people went crazy.

As soon as Don Broco kicked into ‘You Wanna Know’ the crowd united in jumping. They knew all the choruses well enough to add their vocals to the mix.

A Don Broco gig is a light, fun party. Or that’s what the first couple of songs showed.

Then they decided to show a little backbone, still with that Don Broco feel, but the heavier songs did come. And the crowd reacted accordingly in the mosh pit.

Live, it really is a special thing to see them weld so many different elements of music, while retaining their core sound.

The set continued on a high for the rest of the night. When singer Rob Damiani got the crowd to split up so that people can get to doing press ups, it was both impressive...and a little odd.

The power they have over the crowd is remarkable, splitting them twice for a wall of death, and generally having people jumping, clapping, cheering, all night.

Top band. Pay attention.

Gig date: November 29

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