Gig review: Andy McKee

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February 17 @ West Yorkshire Playhouse

A FINE set from YouTube sensation and gifted guitarist Andy McKee – making great use of the different acoustic possibilities available on his collection of hand-crafted instruments.

McKee’s likeability and good nature as a performer made for a relaxed atmosphere in the venue. He kept the audience interested with a diverse range of techniques and tricks on his guitar, baritone guitar and harp guitar – however by the end of the first set the similarities of each song started to become apparent. However the gig was enjoyable as a whole, the songs Art of Motion and Heather’s Song being particular highlights. Along with some clever arrangements of some of McKee’s favorite songs – his rendition of Toto’s Africa showing truly what a master he is of his instrument in his ability to produce the sound of a whole band without outside accompaniment.

Declan Forde

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