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You Me At Six
You Me At Six
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Touring HMV stores up and down the country, the boys from You Me At Six are promoting their latest album, Cavalier Youth which was released on Monday with a few intimate shows for the lucky few.

We managed to catch up with bassist Matt Barnes to have a quick chat about their new album, and the HMV tour which lands them in one of their favourite cities… Leeds.

“There’s loads to do for the new album,” says Barnes. “Lots of practice, lots of interviews, it’s exciting, but it’s about time we were working again.

“I mean, we took a few months out to go to America to write and do the recording, but it’s fun, it doesn’t really feel like working.

“Our previous album was released almost a year and a half ago, I think.

“We used to have a set way of recording an album, we’ve usually done it with friends so it’s very relaxed and a chilled out affair, so we never really really pushed ourselves back then.

“With Cavalier Youth, we pushed ourselves harder than we ever have before.

“We worked with a guy called Neil Avron, who really pushed us, and really made us think about how to play our parts, and working out where things would go.

“We had some things that we thought sounded good, but Neal said take those parts out, they don’t add anything to the song.”

“We are putting out a full UK tour for Cavalier Youth, which is almost sold out already, in March/April, but I don’t think we are coming to Leeds apart from the 
HMV signing and show on the 31st.”

Being a bassist myself, there’s one burning question for me: is Matt a finger or a pick kind of guy? “I started off playing with my fingers, and I remember when we had started recording our first album, the producer said, if you start playing with a pick, it will give you more attack.

“So I started playing everything on that album with a pick and then I sort of slowly became lazy.

“Saying that, when the time comes and I’m playing songs with my friends, when we go down to the practice studio and play Beatles’ covers or something, I’ll use my fingers then, I mean, I vibe off of using my fingers – its much more fun (than playing with a pick) and you get a lot more out of it.”

You Me At Six will be signing copies of the new album and playing live at HMV Leeds on Friday 31st at 5.30pm.

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