Gig preview: Vintage Trouble at The Cockpit, Leeds

Vintage Trouble. Picture: Lee Cherry
Vintage Trouble. Picture: Lee Cherry
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Cast your mind back to the early Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry and that time when rock ’n’ roll/rhythm and blues was coming into its own as a genre with a raw, pumping and vibrant sound, you pretty much have Vintage Trouble in a nutshell. Almost

With one album, The Bomb Shelter Sessions, under their belt, we managed to speak to Rick Barrio Dill, the band’s bassist, who was on medical leave due to a detached retina while he waited for his doctor to give him permission to fly to join Vintage Trouble for the tour.

“It’s definitely odd, I’ve never had to deal with something like this, but certainly your health is more important, and you have to do what you have to do,” he said.

I was keen to find out about the bands influences. “I think individually our backgrounds are quite different, but collectively we tend to kind of fall in to this place which is very much rooted in old rhythm and blues, old soul music, and old style rock ’n’ roll, and by that I mean artists or bands like Otis Reading, Ike and Tina Turner, Little Richard and Chuck Berry, things like that.

“So we tend to wind up in this place that is kind of in the style of 1950s and mid-60s, and our sensibilities tend to fall there collectively.”

I asked if there were any plans for a new album or an EP. “Would you believe that there are a lot of different things out there already, well, as far as it’s out there in little bits and pieces.

“There’s bonus tracks for our album out there in different formats, in the UK and Europe we had a set number of EPs sent out with the bonus tracks on and live tracks on, so there is plenty of material out there.

“Our first performance as a band was only three weeks after we formed, and it was a three-hour slot so we learned very quickly to gel together on stage, but also, the folks here in Los Angeles, and some folks in the UK have been privvy to some of our two-hour performances, where we play all kinds of other music that just hasn’t been released yet.

“We have just released an acoustic EP called The Swing House Sessions as well.”

Regarding the tour, Rick was looking forward to returning to The Cockpit. “We love the Cockpit, we love Leeds, in fact, one of our favourite trouble causers is from Leeds so we are really looking forward to it. It’s a great town, man, and we love it every time we come there.”

Juen 20, The Cockpit, Swinegate, Leeds, 7pm, £16.

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