Gig preview: The Twang at The Cockpit, Leeds

The Twang
The Twang
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The Twang will release their fourth album ‘N E O N T W A N G’ on March 10, a follow-up to 2012’s ‘10:20’, and are currently on tour to showcase their latest work.

The Birmingham indie-rock outfit will play The Cockpit for their penultimate tour date next Thursday and their loyal following will no doubt be treated to another raucous night.

Bassist Jon Watkin and lead singer Phil Etheridge always enjoy playing in Leeds.

Watkin says: “Phil and I briefly went to uni there. I did about three months and I think Phil did about six months.

“Then I just got a job and that was it really – I came home in about four grand’s worth of debt!

“It was quite an expensive little journey, but the last time we played in Leeds was at the Academy on a Saturday last May.

“I went for a walk round the city in the afternoon and there is so much going on and always something new every time we come back here.”

The Twang’s new album was recorded in London at producer Rory Attwell’s Lightship95 studio last year.

It marks the debut of new member Jon ‘Simmo’ Simcox as a full writing member of the band.

Watkin explains: “We spent two weeks in a studio in the east end of London, right opposite the Millennium Dome.

“It’s a change in sound and we’re hoping that people like the actual songs.

“I think we’ve changed, not radically in another direction, but we’ve changed our subject matter slightly and gone at things from a different point of view.

“We didn’t want to keep doing the same thing. Whether people like it or not, we’ve tried to do something a bit different with a different vibe to the songs.

“You risk alienating fans who liked what you did but I think you’ve always got to try and push different little areas of your songs and what you’re talking about.”

It’s been something of a roller coaster ride for The Twang since they exploded onto Birmingham’s music scene at the start of the millennium, with their swagger catapulting them to the cover of NME.

Backed by a fiercely loyal fanbase, The Twang are a band determined to do things their own way.

On the new album, Watkin added: “Most of all, we hope the fans like it because that’s where you’ve got to start. We’ll take it from there really.”

February 27, The Cockpit, Swinegate, Leeds.

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