Gig preview: The Ting Tings at Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds

The Ting Tings
The Ting Tings
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A few years ago, it seemed that you could not go one day without hearing The Ting Tings’ number one single, That’s Not My Name. Wherever you went, it was being played – on the radio, in the shops, on television adverts. It was everywhere.

Two albums and seven singles later, singer Katie White says that she and her musical partner, Jules De Martino, were unaware of just how much airplay they were getting.

“We have to change it up to perform it live, but we’re still really proud of the song,” she begins.

“We don’t hear it a lot because we don’t particularly watch much TV. We actually miss it getting played a lot. I remember my mum calling me, going ‘Oh my God, your music is everywhere. It’s on Bargain Hunt, it’s on films, it’s on everything.’ And we missed all that, probably quite thankfully, because we were on tour. We were sat in a tour bus, oblivious.”

The Ting Tings’ latest album, Super Critical, evokes memories of the 1970s – ­from new wave to the disco scene.

White confirms that this decade was heavily influential on the recording of the album.

“It was inspired by a lot things from that time, but it was a photograph of Diana Ross that we found. It was Diana Ross in a DJ booth in Studio 54. It looked like the coolest party, and she was sitting on the edge, singing.

“Because we’d been living in Ibiza, we had the kind of idea that we almost wanted to take a band into a DJ booth, and she did that.

“We saw this picture and we thought that’s exactly what we’ve been trying to explain to people.”

Much of Super Critical was recorded in Ibiza, home of the rave and club scene. De Martino says that being in Ibiza affected the sound of the new album, but not in the way they thought it would.

“It felt much more like early 80s, or late 70s – that whole Studio 54 thing like Katie mentioned, I think would have been something we would have really loved to be a part of – getting ready before you go out, and then going out and having a f****** great time.

“But that kind of thing, I think, affected us in Ibiza in a reverse way, rather than it being obvious.”

November 28, Belgrave Music Hall, Cross Belgrave Street, Leeds, 8pm, £15.

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