Gig preview: The Subways at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

The Subways. Picture: Greig Clifford
The Subways. Picture: Greig Clifford
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“It’s always a lot of rock ’n’ roll fun in the North!”

That’s the verdict of The Subways bassist and vocalist Charlotte Cooper. The band are dropping in at Brudenell Social Club on Wednesday, March 25 – a venue they first played in 2011 – to perform recognised hits and a selection of new material.

Charlotte admits that the atmosphere in smaller venues such as the Brudenell is so buzzing and she cannot wait to return and play – especially as an honorary Yorkshire girl, a county she now feels so much affinity with.

“It’s such a shame that many smaller venues are closing or being bought out by larger companies. The smaller ones tend to have more character and a great community of people who keep them rocking.”

“I live in Sheffield now, so not far away at all,” she adds.

The tour itself offers the band plenty of excitement to come. They will be performing many of the songs from their new album The Subways – for the first time since its official release in February.

“We tour so extensively that people often say it seems like we’ve been away for a long time, so this time we wanted to release material throughout the touring cycle. We were able to set up a pre-order for the album six months before the release date, where fans could download the first six songs instantly. ”

“We can’t wait to play the songs – it’s always exciting to see the reaction,” Charlotte beams. “The tour is a long one, nine weeks all over Europe, so it will feel like a home coming when we come back to play the UK shows at the end.”

They have long been known for their energetic live set, but it is something she believes they have managed to capture well onto record - particularly now that guitarist and frontman Billy Lunn is at the helm controlling production. The latest release is the first they have decided to be self-titled, but why the decision now, after three previous albums?

“We really know our live sound now, and didn’t mess with that too much when we recorded this album – we really wanted to keep the energy we’ve built up.”

“Billy produced this album and it’s the first time we’ve had no outside influence, just us. Billy has always been interested in production and was quite closely involved with the fantastic three producers we worked with on the first three albums. He would always be watching what they were doing, asking questions and learning all he could.”

“It felt like a real Team Subways effort and the self-title felt appropriate. “

The album actually represents a huge milestone for The Subways, as it marks ten years since the release of their debut Young For Eternity in 2005 – when they first came to the public’s attention with the indie hits Oh Yeah and Rock ’n’ Roll Queen.

“Ten years does feel like a long time, but we still have more to achieve.”

The Subways play at Brudenell Social Club on March 25. For details visit