Gig preview: The Seagulls at 360 Club at The Library, Leeds

The Seagulls
The Seagulls
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“When it started it was very much an indie pop thing; it’s kind of gone towards a bit more of a psychedelic, Sixties vibe,” says Dominic Richmond, explaing the sound of his band The Seagulls.

“We’ve been compared to a lot of bands from the Sixties and Seventies – The Kinks, The Seeds and The Beatles. We don’t really sound like them, it’s more they’re influences we cite.

“When The Beatles went psychedelic that’s what we are into – the whole concept album thing.”

Dominic – a freelance producer and music teacher – founded The Seagulls with drummer Sam Wainwright in Leeds six years ago. The band’s line-up now includes Dominic’s brothers Jon and Nick, on guitar and keyboards respectively, plus bass player Alex Fells.

Their debut albumDesert Eleven was recorded in Dominic’s home studio over a period of three years.

“We like doing things ourselves,” he says. “We used to spend a lot of money working with producers but it was too polished. We wanted an analogue sound. It’s very much a DIY project at the moment.”

They launch the album at 360 Club at The Library on Saturday. The band also play an instore at Crash Records today where fans can buy a signed album and ticket bundle for the launch gig. For details visit https://www.facebook.com/theseagulls

The band intend to tour major English cities in the autumn. “We did a tour at the start of the year, this time we’ll be going to bigger venues, playing to hopefully bigger crowds.”

Dominic has also launched his own label on which he intends to release records by friends’ bands.

“There are a couple of other things in the pipeline, big projects for us. We love it,” he says.

The Seagulls already have their next album written. “We will try to see if we can get it out in spring next year,” Dominic says. “Once we get back from the tour we will hit the studio again. Because we don’t have a label we can do things quickly, we don’t have to go through rigorous demoing backwards and forwards.”