Gig preview: The Devil Makes Three at The Wardrobe, Leeds

The Devil Makes Three
The Devil Makes Three
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Vermont-born, California-based and with a punky perspective on vintage American blues, The Devil Makes Three will bring breath of fresh musical air to Leeds next week.

Word has it that you’re working on material for a new album. Could you let me know a little bit more about what direction you’re heading in?

It’s hard to say which direction were heading in until all the demos are finished. One thing is for sure we will be adding players to the line up for this next recording. We’re still wood shedding most of the material at this point.

Do you think you will all be heading into the studio at some point this year?

We hope to do so yeah but we have a pretty busy schedule. We shall see.

It’s known that you guys are metal/punk fans. Will we get to hear you guys cover do a cover album/EP of metal/punk songs at some point?

We have been talking about it, yes! We’re hoping to record some covers this summer.

Now that you’re returning to Europe, what are you looking forward to about touring the UK again?

London was one of the best shows on our last European tour. We received a ton of emails asking why we only played London so this tour is in response to those requests. We’ve heard great things about Leeds, so we really hope everyone comes out to see us and we can convert some new fans.

Your website doesn’t show any support bands for your upcoming tour. Will you have supports or is there any specific reason for why you’re not?

We think there will be some local support on these shows but we couldn’t bring an act on the whole run this time around. Know any good UK bands for next time?

The Devil Makes Three play at The Wardrobe, Leeds on March 23. For details visit