Gig preview: The Blind Dead McJones Band at Chapel FM

The Blind Dead McJones Band
The Blind Dead McJones Band
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With a solid local reputation, The Blind Dead McJones Band will be releasing their album Everybody’s Making Lemonade, this weekend at a special performance at The Chapel in Seacroft.

The band are well known for their quirky blues rock, and tongue-in-cheek approach. They have a knack for putting a Yorkshire slant on old blues traditions, crafting songs that would be at home in a smokey, whisky drenched Mississippi blues bar, but still relevant and fresh.

We caught up with enigmatic band member Ben ‘Buddy’ Slack ahead of what promises to be an eventful and surprising night.

You seem to be a band that has very much carved your own path in the Leeds music scene, is that something that is hard to do, with so many fads and trends about?

“We always prefer the road less travelled. I think we gave up very early on with any idea of fitting into a scene or trend (as we just weren’t very good at it) and now they all just pass us by. I think it probably is easier in fact for us as nothing like that dictates or has any input in what we do, as long as we like it, we’ll find people to play it for and hopefully they will like it too.”

As a band with a very distinctive and old sound, did you do anything specific when recording Everybody’s Making Lemonade?

“We recorded it at Factory Street Studios in Bradford with our good friend Alex Eden producing us. We’ve know Alex a long time and he is also an old friend of Blind Dead McJones so he really knows where we’re coming from and what we are aiming for with our music.”

A lot of the album is quite tongue in cheek and humorous, do you think that the music industry can often take its self too seriously?”

Oh absolutely, with us a lot of a time I think it’s a case of laughing to keep from crying. I think there is a lot of room for humour in the music world, most music is there to be enjoyed I guess and most people enjoy a wee chuckle from time to time. I also think humour has throughout history been a hugely valuable tool in dealing with tough times. So much of the blues is hysterical, B.B King singing ‘Nobody loves me but my mother, and she could be jiving too’. Brilliant.”

For more information about the band, the new album and upcoming tour dates can be found at www.blinddeadmcjonesband.com