Gig preview: Spector at Leeds Festival and Jumbo Records

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Spector release their second album, Moth Boys, on August 21. They play Reading and Leeds festival on August 29 and 30, and tour the UK in October.

“I think with this second album we’ve only just started to develop a sense of identity, and really find a voice, so I would hope there is plenty more to say,” says singer Fred Macpherson. “I think it’s getting to a point of being unique.

“When you start off in a band, you basically rip loads of people off, but the longer you go on, you have to carve out your own thing and be true to yourself.

“The best artists are the people who find new ways to talk about universal themes.”

He admits the second album “took a lot longer” than they expected.

“We set the bar pretty high in terms of expectations, and we did think it would’ve been done quicker, but if we had done that it would’ve been a lot more similar to the first, which defeats the purpose,” the singer considers.

“There is a certain difficulty in approaching a second album, working out what it should be but once we indulged ourselves, it was great. Now comes the hard part, actually getting people to listen to it.”

He’s unfazed that tribalism in music seems to be a thing of the past. “The challenge for bands is to then write songs that people want to hear,” he says.

Spector play at Leeds Festival on August 30 and will do an instore gig at Jumbo Rrecords in Leeds on August 24 at 5pm.