Gig preview: Rixton at The Wardrobe, Leeds

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Life is a bit of a whirl at the moment for Rixton, the Manchester boy band who scored a Number One earlier this year with their debut single Me & My Broken Heart.

On Sunday they performed at BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards at Wembley Arena then it was straight over to the USA for promotional work before jetting back to the UK to prepare for their first headline tour.

The Teen Awards were “a lot of fun”, says drummer Lewi Morgan. “Playing Wembley was just insane – it’s what you prepare for when you are playing live shows.”

As they left the stage a car was outside waiting for them. “We had a window of five minutes to get out of the venue then it was straight to the airport.”

The 26-year-old sticksman, from Bolton, seems unfazed by their constant transatlantic travel. “It’s tiring but we are racking up the air miles. It kind of comes with it.”

The band are managed by Scooter Braun, whose other acts include Justin Bieber, Psy and Ariana Grande.

He found Rixton via YouTube videos they posted of cover versions of songs such as Ignition by R Kelly and Thong Song by Sisqo.

“The next thing we received a phone call off him,” Morgan recalls. “Twenty-four hours later we were sat in a recording studio listening through his songs.”

Though the band had high hopes for UK release of Me & My Broken Heart – it had already reached Number Six in the US – Morgan admits: “To go straight in at Number One took us by surprise. We thought it would do quite well – but not that well.”

Yet such is the accelerated pace of their career there was little time to celebrate. “We found out it was Number One and six hours later we were straight back on a flight to the States. We never really get to stick around and live the experience too often.”

Their first headline tour to promote their new single Wait On Me, however, will focus on small venues. “We like the natural build-up feel,” says Morgan. “You start off at small venues and when your fanbase grows you do bigger venues. The dream is then playing stadiums and arenas. Your fans feel more connected with you that way, it feels more organic.”

Their debut album, Let The Road, recorded with US producer Benny Blasko, is “98 per cent” complete. It includes a track by Ed Sheeran who, says Morgan, is “the nicest guy on top of being one of the most talented guys I’ve ever met”. The band became “really close” to him. “He continues to mentor [singer] Jake [Roche} to some degree. If he’s got questions he answers them straight away.”

After their UK gigs the back fly back to the US for a tour there followed by “a few sporadic dates” in the UK at Christmas.

“Early next year the album is due to launch and in February we’re on tour with Ariana Grande in the US, with the prospect of popping up on her European dates.”

“It’s non-stop,” Morgan admits, “but it’s incredible.”

Rixton play at The Wardrobe, Leeds on October 27. Visit

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