Gig preview: Paul Thomas Saunders at Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds

Paul Thomas Saunders
Paul Thomas Saunders
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Paul Thomas Saunders kicked off his music career in Leeds before being signed to major label Atlantic Records and moving down south.

His debut album Beautiful Desolation is out this week.

Saunders and his tin can, which he placed over his microphone, made a huge name for themselves in Leeds playing what he describes as “vibrating bugged out sounds”.

He’s coming to Yorkshire and playing at Belgrave Music Hall on April 11.

“When I lived there, part of me wanted to play shows all the time, another part of me knew I shouldn’t. I wanted each show to be exciting. The worst thing you can do is over expose yourself to your core audience. So, it’s just made coming back to Leeds really enjoyable, it’s a treat to come back up and play now.”

He was signed just a year after his first show.

“I wish I could fuel the fire of major label horror stories but they’ve been great. All I wanted to do was make music, my own way, and they let me do that. I wanted to record the album by myself with Max, a college friend of mine that I’ve always worked with, and they were more than happy for me to do that. Nothing’s really changed, I’ve never had anything less than 100 per cent creative control, I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Recording his debut album Beautiful Desolation “go slightly insane”.

“You sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees when you’ve been working on something consistently for so long.

“That was the strangest part, second-guessing all your decisions because you can’t listen to each track with a fresh pair of ears.

“I developed this weird technique where if I walked out the room with the track playing and listened to it from outside, I felt like that was how a listener would hear it, rather than listening to it as a series of mistakes and flaws like I began to.

“But there’s something so thrilling about having the album finished that makes that all worthwhile.”

Saunders and his band will begin their first headline tour this week.

“It’s hard to hone your craft playing just 30-minute slots every night. It feels good knowing that we have something to prove, I want to show people we’re worth our salt.”

April 11, Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds, 7.30pm, £6.

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