Gig preview: New Build at Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds

Al Doyle and Felix Martin of New Build
Al Doyle and Felix Martin of New Build
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“I’m from Leeds.” A simple reason to want to start a tour off for Al Doyle, of Hot Chip fame. However it’s not Hot Chip but New Build that puts Doyle on the road for a small UK tour, in support of upcoming sophomore album Pour It On.

If the first album was an exploration into new territory, it would be accurate to say that this album is more of a solidification of the New Build sound, while still advancing their most electronic side.

“We felt that the electronic songs were much stronger on the first album,” says Doyle.

“We had a song called Do You Not Feel Loved? and we sort of said we just want to make ten more of those.”

New Build, a side project of Hot Chip members Al Doyle and Felix Martin, working with producer and engineer Tom Hoskins, released their debut album Yesterday Was Lived and Lost back in 2012.

Considering this isn’t the main focus for these guys – who have been friends since university – a standard two-year cycle for the release of the follow-up album wasn’t expected.

“We’re just constantly writing, I’ve even got a couple more songs that are written already.

“Potentially we have around half another album, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that we’re always working on stuff”.

Being from Leeds is a good reason to want to start off your tour and for Doyle – who was also once a member of James Murphy’s dance-punk group LCD Soundsystem – it’s not just going to be another gig, or even a slightly more special gig because it’s in his home city, but this will actually be an event.

Doyle says: “I have a large extended family that’s a mixture of Polish and Irish, so they will all be down en masse. I’ve got an uncle who will be shouting things out at me, and my family always parties hard.”

Not often that you get to party with your family before you tour the world.

“We’re in the UK, then we’re going to Europe, and after that we’ve got a bit of a long one in the US.”

And I’m afraid that’s it, as next year Hot Chip will be up and running again.

Doyle does talk of possibly playing a couple festival shows next summer, but for the most part New Build will have to take to the shadows once more until the following album, which doesn’t sound like it will be too far away.

Pour It On is released on Monday. New Build play at the Belgrave Music Hall, Cross Belgrave Street, Leeds on October 20. Doors 8pm, £7.50,

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