Gig preview: Mallory Knox at Leeds Festival

Mallory Knox
Mallory Knox
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Cambridge rockers Mallory Knox will be taking the Radio 1 stage at this year’s Leeds Festival on the Saturday.

Their debut album, Signals, was released in 2013 to good reviews and it managed to get to No 33 in the charts.

Their second album, Asymmetry, is due out in October. Sam Douglas, Knox’s bass player, says that this latest studio effort is an expansion of their last release.

“I just feel it’s just a step up on what we did with our debut album, Signals. When you add another two years experience of playing live and two years more of jamming, it can’t help but be better to what you have done before.”

The band take their name from Juliette Lewis’ character in the 1994 crime film Natural Born Killers, one of the most controversial films of the 20th century.

Why did they decide to use this name? “When it came to actually naming this band we always thought of having an actual person’s name would be a cool thing to do.

“By doing that it kind of doesn’t allow people to define you by your band name. It gives people an open mind to how your band actually sounds.

“I remember at first we were going to call ourselves Dorian Gray, but then they bought that film out so a few weeks later we decided on Mallory Knox. Good thing they bought that film out because looking back I really wouldn’t want us to be called Dorian Gray.”

Mallory Knox went down a treat at the festival last year, and Sam says that the band can’t wait to play Leeds again this year. “I can honestly say that being a part of that festival last year is one of this bands biggest highlights. We thought ourselves very lucky to not only be playing it, but to open up the Main Stage was a huge honour for us all. We have high hopes for it this year and to be playing inside the Radio1/NME tent is something we really want to step up to and show what we can really do as a live band.”

Douglas promises that the band will be playing material from their new album at Leeds Festival.

“At this point we’ve released two songs, being QODII and Ghost In The Mirror, so both of those will be in there. I reckon we might throw in one that has never been heard before for the very first time at Reading and Leeds. It’d be rude not to, really!”

Mallory Knox play on the NME/Radio 1 Stage at Leeds Festival on Saturday. August 23. For tickets visit