Gig preview: Fake the Bends at The Key Club, Leeds

Tom Moon of Fake The Bends
Tom Moon of Fake The Bends
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Soulful hip hop collective Rawschac are well known within Leeds’ unsigned music scene but their slightly heavier spin off, Fake the Bends, are set to play their first gig in the city this Sunday.

Fake The Bends materialised as a creative outlet to “vent the heavy stuff” without influencing Rawschac’s well established style.

Comprising three 20-something year old music enthusiasts – Danny Duckworth, Tom Stancombe and Tom Moon – the trio have been together for three months and have already produced seven tracks - two of which are available online with videos.

On guitar, drums and voice, respectively, the group describe the band as “a three piece swag outfit from Leeds”, which is completely different to Rawschac.

They have a “natural affinity to heavier music”, whereas Rawschac’s vibe is derived from the vocals.

“There’s a lot of focus on being vocal driven and we’re just kind of an ever-changing back drop of sound behind them,” explains Stancombe.

Moon tells of how the band are proud of keeping their music simple. He says: “I came down to the studio one time and we just jammed for a few hours and ended up writing an entire track, River, which is literally just seven minutes long. And we kept it exactly as it was that night.”

River was filmed in Duckworth’s very own studio in Leeds, Jar Mills Music, which he bought last June as a permanent space for Rawschac to practice in when they started getting really busy.

Along with River, Mistake – which is another song available to view online – was filmed by Dead Idea, a Sheffield-based artist platform whom the trio have worked with a lot.

Taking advantage of a snow storm in January they decided to “sack off all the ideas” they were going to do for Mistake’s video and managed to record some footage in the snow.

Afterwards they went back to the studio and filmed River at 3am in the morning – with good pizza though, adds Moon.

And that’s how they roll. To the point where they produce so much music in such a short space of time that they admit having to play the tracks out loud to remember which one they’re talking about.

When asked about their gig on Sunday, they agreed they were excited to be playing part of the show at The Key Club – but also excited to see Blackhole who will also perform as this is part of their return tour – a bonus for Fake the Bends as they admit they were disappointed when the band broke up.

“When we heard they [Blackhole] got back together we were like, one: we need to see them, two: can we play?” Duckworth says.

“For us, this gig really shouldn’t be happening so quickly but we’re stoked it is. And we’re ready.

“Leeds is an awesome scene for music. Some of which is really kicking off at the moment. There’s such a big movement behind bands such as Treason Kings and Narcs, who are starting to get recognised nationally now, that they’re sort of paving the way for the rest of us.

“That’s one genre in Leeds, but there are all sorts.

“So people are now thinking, ‘Oh it’s Leeds, they’ve got a decent music scene,’ and it’s like a hot bed.”

Aside from rehearsing three times a week across both bands, Fake the Bends also all live together in Leeds and co-parent a Chameleon called Leroy.

Fake the Bends will be supporting Blackhole at The Key Club Sunday March 13. Doors open at 7pm, to book tickets visit