Gig preview: Euphoria Audio at Milo’s, Leeds

Euphoria Audio
Euphoria Audio
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College friends Matt Shirty, Ben Lloyd, Ben Hughes and Josh Hughes formed Wakefield rock band Euphoria Audio seven years ago.

“When it came time for university we sort of disbanded for a little while,” says guitarist Lloyd, “but we always knew that we wanted to make music together so as soon as university was over we got straight back into it and we’ve been doing it full-time ever since.”

In 2010 and 2011 they played at the annual MuseXpo event in Los Angeles. “That led us on to meeting our producer, Brandon Friesen,” Lloyd says, “and we also worked with Jeff Blue – he was the one who got Linkin Park signed, Korn, Limp Bizkit, he was basically the music mogul behind all the nu-metal generation, it was really interesting to learn from him.”

In LA they played at hallowed rock venues the House of Blues and the Viper Rooms. “It just opened up our eyes to what the industry’s like on a major scale and also what opportunities you can have in the future if you become successful,” says Lloyd. “The studios get bigger, the budgets get bigger and the success builds. It was a very inspiring place to go.”

In 2013 the Wakefield rock band supported Aerosmith in Singapore. Lloyd remembers: “That was like the craziest, almost unbelieveable experience. Being at that show was almost like being at the top of your game. The bizarre thing is it felt like home to us. We played clubs, we’ve played bigger venues, but we feel the most comfortable on a stage of that size, we weren’t scared, we were excited to get on there.

“Bearing in mind these 15,000 people had no idea who we were we just saw it as a challenge. We’ve always seen it as an exciting prospect because we’re going to get some new fans, we’re going to get onstage and show people what we’ve got. We’ve worked hard to get where we are and it’s a great feeling to be moving forward.”

Last year the band released their self-titled debut album. Lloyd says of its reception: “Commercially we’d like to be hitting the charts but to me it’s a reminder of what sort of a passion project it all is. We were overwhelmed with reviews, we got 10 out of 10, it got compared to like a greatest hits, but a couple of nights before me and guys were so anxious. We were like, ‘Are people going to get it? Are they going to like what we’ve done?’ Then when we got the reviews in we were absolutely over the moon.”

On Thursday September 24 the band play at Milo’s in Leeds. Lloyd says they enjoy playing shows on home turf. “It just reminds you how much support you’ve got locally. It’s changed now, before it used to be just a friends and family thing and that’s all we’d play to, but now you’ve got people asking us when we’re on and how much are the tickets or people have bought tickets in advance. We’ve had people from Wales travel to come and see us in Wakefield and it’s great to do the home town show because it just reminds you how far you’ve come and that there’s people out there who genuinely support our band. You sometimes feel like you’re in a battle with all these other acts but it’s humbling when you come back to your home area and realise that there is a support network there for you.”

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