Gig preview: Dinosaur Pile-Up, Leeds Uni Refectory

Matt Bigland from Dinosaur Pile-Up
Matt Bigland from Dinosaur Pile-Up
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Leeds rock group Dinosaur Pile-Up return with a series of gigs before the release of their second album Nature Nurture.

We spoke to singer and guitarist Matt Bigland, to see how they were doing before their performance at this year’s Live At Leeds, what’s happening with the new album, and some good old-fashioned reminiscing about the Leeds music scene.

I remember Dinosaur Pile-Up back in the day playing on the Leeds music scene, and from what I understand, you guys have had an impressive ride so far.

Well, I still consider myself to be a Leeds boy, it’s just I have to be down in London doing studio stuff and everything so much, I do love it down here, but at the same time I miss the localities of Leeds, you know, I miss going down to the Brew [Brudenell Social Club] with the [Pulled Apart By] Horses boys and stuff.

So tell me about your new album, I believe it’s your second full length studio album? What about plans for a tour?

It comes out in June, it was originally coming out in May, but yeah, it’s now coming out in June. We are going on tour from the April 16, with Lower Than Atlantis around the UK, so that will be a blast and stuff. They asked us out on tour, which is really nice when a band like that ask you to go on tour with them, it mean that there is going to be a good vibe. Then we are straight on to our own headline tour around the UK.

You guys are also playing Live At Leeds 2013, aren’t you?

Yeah, that’s part of our tour. I can’t wait for it, I love Live At Leeds, simply because it’s in Leeds, it’s a really exciting couple of days, loads of bands and everyone from the scene comes out. We’re quite high up on the bill this time around. Each time we’ve played it in the past, we have been at The Cockpit, and the little street behind The Cockpit used to become this kind of crowd of dudes in bands that all know each other. We all end up just crammed in that little gulley, having beers and stuff. There’s just something really cool about it. That underground vibe of Leeds is kind of becoming not so underground any more and getting quite a lot of attention, but there’s just something about it. Whenever I’m in Leeds, it’s like a breath of fresh air, you know?

May 4, Leeds Uni Refectory.